Prepping with a Doomsday Bunker

Prepping with a Doomsday Bunker

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

People are living with the fear of a global calamity and 2012 disaster. No one knows the day when a great earthquake, volcano, hurricane, nuclear war or tsunami will happen. So, preppers do what they know best when dealing with the unknown, they prepare. One way through which you can prepare for such events is by building doomsday bunkers.

For those that do not know, doomsday bunkers, also known as underground bunkers, are hideouts used to offer protection to people. They are located under the surface of the ground. This is important since it offers the necessary protection against anything that happens over the ground.

There are many things that are considered when creating an underground bunker. One of them is location. Where you locate this structure is very important. This is because the reason you are creating it is so that you can stay protected even in the event of a global devastation.

Therefore, when choosing the location it is important that you check if the area can withstand a lot of pressure. The most ideal place would be where the bedrock is strong. This will ensure that its walls do not cave in or allow water to sip in case there is an earthquake or flood.

The structure should be ideally built on high ground. This is very important since it helps protect you against floods. The roof must be covered by at least five feet of earth. If the layer is thinner, the structure will be exposed to the devastating occurrence hence rendering you helpless.

There also needs to be an opening hatch. It should be carefully designed to ensure that it is not visible and at the same time is strong. You can use some camouflage to prevent it from being spotted. For strength, ensure that you build it using blast proof material.

Secrecy is of great importance. In order for you to survive, in case of any devastating event, you need to be hidden in a place where no one can find you. This is because during such times people do anything, even killing others, so as to get hold of resources such as food and shelter. Therefore, tell no one about your underground bunker. This will ensure that you survive longer and have enough resources to carry you through any major catastrophe.

Humans need to breathe in order for them to live. So, it is important for the structure to have a good ventilation system. In most cases, after a catastrophe, the air is usually polluted. This might also be the case on the foretold 2012 doomsday. Therefore, there should be mechanisms to ensure that there is proper circulation of clean air in the bunker.

The best system is where you use overhead ventilation shafts. These are very handy since the tap directly into the atmospheric air. However, they might turn to be a health hazard in the event where there is radiation or poisonous gas above the ground. That is why you should install a system that detects if there is pollution in the air, and cleans it or closes the shafts.

Doomsday bunkers are built using very many materials. Each material has its own purpose in ensuring your survival. Some of them include steel, fiberglass and concrete.

Concrete is the best material for roofing. This is because it is strong and the same time long lasting. The best roof is one that is arched. Such a roof is more firm and is not as prone to collapse as a flat one.

The walls can also be made from concrete. However, steel is also used in some cases. This depends on the nature of the substratum. Apart from the walls, steel also comes in handy in making things like tables and other accessories that you are going to use when in the bunker. Fiberglass can be used in windows or other light openings if any.

There are many bunker designs available in the market. This makes it difficult for one to choose. Though, you can use a few factors to determine which design fits you best. One of these factors is the number of people who are going to be sheltered in the structure. In most cases, this determines the size. Nevertheless, it is also used to define the way the structure is going to be built.

Another factor you need to consider when building doomsday bunkers is the available space. This will help you know which design will fit best in the space that you have. Once you know the type of bunker you need, constructing it will not be difficult. You can purchase an already assembled one or build it from scratch.

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