Things To Happen In 2012 Based On Egyptian Prophecies

Things To Happen In 2012 Based On Egyptian Prophecies

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

There have been very many predictions indicating that the year 2012 is when the world will come to an end. One such example is the Egyptian prophecies that have been passed on for generations now which predict that the world will come to an end exactly on December 21 at 1111 hours UTC. The predictions tell of a catastrophe that will forever change the world. There is also word that a similar event happened back in the year 9792 BC but until now there is no solid evidence proving that it actually happened.

It is said that the magnetic field of the earth will shift abruptly. The direction of rotation of the earth will also change instantaneously and cause the planet Venus to have a retrograde movement across the Orion constellation. It will have a direct negative effect to life here on earth. As a result, continents will shift to new positions and the sun will be rising and setting twice from the new horizon that will be formed. A continent such as America is predicted to be pushed further north and attain a polar climate unfit for human survival.

This issue has brought a lot of concern among many concerned parties. Back in December 2011 visiting the pyramids in Egypt was halted because there were worries that some conservative Egyptians wanted to perform rituals in them. They claimed that the pyramids and temples too had been strategically placed to serve as a warning sign to people and that the solution, which is known as Labyrinth lied beneath them and had to be dug up in time to save humanity. Other historians however claim that the right time will come when the Labyrinth will avail itself.

Egyptians used astronomy to foretell future events based on how different constellations were positioned. They had noted that many events repeated themselves after some time period and could therefore easily predict when next a major event was about to happen. Examples of such events include eclipses and seasons.

Astronomy was very useful to Egyptian prophecies because various constellations and heavenly bodies were representations of the gods. Osiris the god of death and the afterlife was represented by the constellation Orion. The Milky Way was sky goddess that had given birth to the sun while the horizon was as important as the residence of the sun god. They protected the people and warned them of future calamities by aligning themselves in different ways.

The Egyptian prophecies about the 2012 doomsday fall in line with various other predictions from different communities. Mayans and Sumerians are the ones said to have survived the 9792 BC calamity and they had in their calendar marked the year 2012 that the calamity would repeat itself. The prediction is also in the Gregorian calendar as the year of Armageddon.

A more enhanced explanation is available in the Book of the Dead and Kolbrin Bible. They were both authored by Egyptians. The Book of the Dead was full of magical funerary text which was meant to guide and protect the dead as they journeyed to the afterlife. There were different versions of the book depending on who was being buried and it would be placed in the coffin. It served as a preparation for people who would not survive the catastrophe so that the gods would lead them to a good afterlife.

The Kolbrin was much different because it gave an account of what would happen in the days leading to the end of days. The clues would lead to the people knowing how to protect themselves. It also claimed the existence of a tenth planet also known as planet X or the Destroyer which would knock the earth out of its orbit.

There is some relationship of the Egyptian prophecies and religious prophecies. Both claim that the events leading to the end include the appearance of the destroyer, heavens opening, tides and volcanic activity. Terror will engulf all who will still be alive to see the unfolding events.

Only the strong and wise will survive as per the prophecies and it will be based more on destiny than fate. The people who survived the 9792 BC catastrophe had built thousands of ships. They sailed in them for days until the Noah floods were over.

Analyzing the Egyptian prophecies on a scientific basis shows that they are not very true. Though the poles of the earth might have shifted, the process is not instantaneous and it might have taken millions of years. The said date marks an equinox which might have been confused for a very important day that will test the existence of humanity.

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